I am a kind-hearted strategic thinker and working with me is about trust and bravery. We will co-create an environment where you can stretch, learn, grow and where I will shine a light on the things you may not see for yourself. I will challenge you to consider diverse perspectives all with the intention of growth, personal values alignment, and the connection to core purpose.

We will examine where you currently are, what you currently have, and we will identify what you want more of. We will work together to ignite positive change in your life and career.

Supporting you to achieve your potential and achieve your goals is at the core of all that I stand for.

As a Certified Leadership Coach with over 25 years of professional experience that span private sector, medical and pharmaceutical industry, film industry, not for profit and family-owned businesses, I am here to partner with you as we co-create your goals and next big venture.

On a personal note, I have spent my life working. I started at a young age in a family run business and never really stopped. I am proud to say I put myself through university (although it took forever), and my greatest pride and joy is the gift of being a mom to Luc and Ava and wife to Paul for over 20 years. I am also a firm believer in binge watching Netflix and am suspicious of people who don’t! 

I'm Lisa, Your Coach

“When we connect and encourage one another, we can grow and flourish.”


Values & Beliefs

How I Work With You



I am who I am and I embrace this completely. I connect by showing up with the knowledge we all want to be seen, heard and valued as a whole person.

I know things are far from perfect, but attitude is everything. I see the possibilities and seek out what is good.



I am committed to learning, growing, and expanding who I am and what I know. I seek out diverse perspectives and learn from them.

If I commit I am there! My word is everything, and staying true to that and following through is the only option to me. 

Our values are within us, we don’t need to create them we need to connect to them. When you work with me, we will focus on connecting you to your values. We will ensure this is a powerful, meaningful source of clarity with which you will make decisions and accomplish goals.

At My Core, I Value...

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When we work together, I am 100% on your team, with the utmost of confidentiality and commitment to your agenda, goals, and purpose. It is this approach that ensures our coaching partnership is transformational and successful.